The Christmas Costume – A Glittery Gown – Part 2

Today something pretty unbelievable happened – I hit five hundred thousand all time views on my blog, which some people probably wouldn’t consider a lot. But i’m amazed, and smiling, and giddy because that is just so many people. I can’t even comprehend the fact that many people have read or willing viewed the ridiculously long rambles I write about making things.

I mean, hell, I still remember the months where I would get one thousand views in the entire month. And I was so proud of that, and now I get that in a day, and it’s insane. But I’m also really happy, and I really appreciate the fact so many people continue to take interest! So thanks for reading, even if you don’t read often, because it has contributed in some way to this overwhelming happiness i’m feeling today.


I do actually have progress to share, too, and I will get into that right now. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner, it seems fitting to talk about my Christmas Costume! A few weeks ago I wrote a whole post on the concept and how I made the bodice, and that post can be found here. If you haven’t already, I would suggest you read that post before this one. 

This post will talk about the skirt, and the crown. I should have the post about the cloak up on Sunday, with photos of it all together posted on Christmas eve! 

The skirt and crown were by far the easiest part of this costume. Especially when compared to the bodice and cape, these pieces were an absolute vacation to work on.

I had originally planned to make my skirt a giant rectangle… but then I realized I didn’t have much material left, not nearly enough to make the skirt as full as I had wanted. I decided to attempt it anyway, figuring it would probably be fine. 

So I used all the material I had left…


When I draped it over the petticoat I had made ( I talk about making it here) I realized it was really not going to work at all. The skirt was too small for the petticoat, and it looked like a stuffed cone that caved in at the bottom. A disaster. 

I mean, disaster might be a slight exaggeration, but it definitely wasn’t what I wanted.


Soo I rifled through my fabric bins and came up with some yellow brocade that didn’t really match, but would have to be good enough. I sewed it onto the back panels of my rectangle skirt, then gathered it down onto a basic waistband. Here is what the back of the skirt looked like once I was finished…


I thought it looked pretty terrible, and to be honest I still don’t think it looks quite right. But it’s grown on me a lot throughout the sewing process. I think it brings out the yellow in the sleeves, which creates more contrast and makes the costume as a whole look more interesting. 

I went ahead and hemmed the whole thing, I did a double three quarter inch hem and whip stitched it by hand. It took longer then I would care to admit, but it looks much better then doing it by machine. 

Once that was finished I sewed the skirt onto the bodice (by hand) and declared the dress finished! 


And when worn…

(since I wasn’t wearing heels the dress is a bit too long and folds over in the front, oops) 


I’m super happy to call that complete! But this post isn’t over just yet. 

When I first looked at this fabric it looked so holiday and christmasy to me, and when I decided to make an elaborate gown from it, I knew I needed a matching headpiece. I thought about several crown ideas before deciding on a flower crown. 

Now you may think that flower crowns are too casual to go with such a dress, and most probably would be. But when you choose (like I did) to make one entirely out of glittery christmas tree decorations, they definitely do not fit into the casual category. 

My materials were all purchased at Michaels (a craft store) from the holiday decor section. These were all 50% off and cost me seven dollars or so in total? It was something like that. 


I also took some supplies from my stash, plastic boning, organza, and some hot glue. 


I cut my organza into strips, then did a half inch rolled hem.

DSC_2775Once both edges were finished, I gathered and sewed it onto a piece of plastic boning.


I pulled all the flowers off the stems, and cut apart the leafy gold ones that I purchased. Then I went a bit crazy and glued them all over the damn thing until I was happy with it. 

Once I was done I used hot glue to connect the two ends, then I snipped away the extra and it was done!


Isn’t that lovely?


It’s pretty ridiculous I know, but so is the dress, so I think it works! 

Thank you for reading~


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