1890s Plaid Walking Ensemble, Photos

I’ve already talked about this project a lot, so I won’t ramble on for too long. But I wanted to say once again that i’m really pleased with how this project turned out.

I don’t think these pictures are the best photos in the world, but i’m so happy with how the costume looks in them. Sometimes I see other bloggers photos and wonder how they make historical costumes look so…right, and effortless when worn. Mine always take ages to lay out, and if I move the skirt has to be refluffed and the bodice adjusted to make sure it looks okay.

This costume doesn’t have any of those issues. Even after walking for half a mile on dusty trails it looked fine as soon as I dropped the skirt. So when I see these photos I see the ease of wearing this costume, which makes me feel like i’m one step closer to making things that are on the same level as the costumers I admire. And that is a pretty wonderful feeling!

A brief write up of this project can be found here, along with links to the “Making of” posts which detail the entire process of creating this costume. 

I’ve also uploaded a video that shows the details of this costume, the process of getting into it, and some footage of it being worn. If that interests you it can be watched here!

Now as promised, here are the finished photos of the ensemble!

Plaid_1890s_Angela Clayton5

Plaid_1890s_Angela Clayton6

Plaid_1890s_Angela Clayton 7

Plaid_1890s_Angela Clayton 8

Plaid_1890s_Angela Clayton

Plaid_1890s_Angela Clayton2

Plaid 1, Resize

plaid resize 2

And a close up of the back – I don’t like this photo, since the wig looks shiny, but I wanted the show off the soutache detailing!

Plaid_1890s_Angela Clayton12

That’s it for today, thanks for reading!


28 thoughts on “1890s Plaid Walking Ensemble, Photos

  1. Ruby Byrne says:

    Wow everything you do is amazing! I’m finding it hard just to finished my high school textiles project! Let alone even think about the amount of the amazing work you do. I love this dress sooooo much! It’s so gorgeous.

  2. Tamara says:

    So impressive. I enjoyed following your process and picked up a few ideas. Can’t wait to see what you doe next!

  3. lauraclaycomb says:

    Dear Angela,

    I am an opera singer, and I am wondering if you have ever thought about going to do an apprenticeship with any of the costume shops at one of the big opera houses in the U.S.? I know some excellent seamstresses and tailors at the costume shops that have learned to make AMAZING things! Just an idea, but I know that I have worn some amazingly constructed costumes over the years that take the kind of ingenuity that you have shown on your blog to realize the concepts of the designers. I don’t know where you live, but Jenny Green at L.A. Opera is an old friend, and I’m sure the Met must have a pretty amazing costume shop as well… San Francisco Opera, too, although I don’t remember who’s in charge there now. One of the tailors who worked with men’s suits at LA Opera, Enrique, eventually went out on his own, and now designs all the stuff for the Black Eyed Peas and Puff Daddy (whatever the heck his name is these days) and the like. He still designs and fixes stuff for my sister and me, as well. 😉

    Anyhow, just to put a bug in your ear, as you are obviously very talented. It might be good for you to get in the midst of a lot of other like-minded people and see what you can learn there!

    All my best, your fan, Laura Claycomb



  4. Susan Krzywicki says:

    Oh my goodness…congratulations on an amazing feat. The soutache was a crowning touch. The symmetry!

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Colleen Marble says:

    Love it, love it, love it! It’s gorgeous! I’ve noticed in several of your finished projects that the hems are very long (too long?), which I would think limits mobility. Is there an historical reason for doing this? It is my only negative critique of anything you’ve done. I keep thinking “If only she had shortened the hem by an inch or two!” Been following your blog for quite some time and each project is absolutely stunning! You are incredibly talented.

  6. Zora says:

    Hey there!
    Wow, this turned out extremely well. Of all your costumes I like this one best so far, I think. May be, because I really like this time period, could be because the fabrics match so wonderful and the pleats line up so well. It just looks like it is tailored very well. I wish I could learn more about your pattern-making process tough. What rulers do you use, how many mock-ups do you have to make, before getting the finished thing, how much of it is based on patterns you already have or made?


  7. Amy Barber says:

    It is lovely, you did an amazing job to refining those small details that simply put this look over the top. Your comments about care remind me of why they had people who specifically cared for their wardrobes. I cannot wait to see your next posts.

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