18th Century Redingote, Worn Photos

As promised, today I have the photos of my 18th century redingote ensemble to share! If you missed them, the blog posts about constructing this dress can be found here, and here.

For the fourth year in a row I went to the local pumpkin patch to photograph my newest piece. I really love this as a backdrop, there is something magical about it in the morning! The lighting is so pretty, and the contrast between the field, mud, pumpkins, and corn makes me smile.

My dresses always get a little dirty there, but it’s nothing a bit of water can’t fix, and I think the pictures make it worth it!

This ensemble consists of a redingote, skirt, hat, and fichu, which I detailed the process of making in the posts linked above. It’s worn over a chemise, stays, a bum pad, and a cotton/netting petticoat, which I also made. The only pieces I didn’t make are the socks (charlotte russe), the wig (color.salon, ebay), the shoes (fraser, American Duchess*), and buckles (cavendish, American Duchess*)

If you want to see the layers in a little more detail, I have a video showing the process of getting into this – and a few clips of me wearing it! It can be watched here.

Now onto the photos!

And that’s it! Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “18th Century Redingote, Worn Photos

  1. Alicia Aime says:

    That’s another truly amazing costume ! I like how you keep it historical(ish) and fun at the same time ! Probably what a lady of the time would dress up as if she were to go to a fancy party or a “bal masqué”. This year for Halloween I was an 18c Queen of Heart, and I am already thinking of making a Française or a Casaquin. those 18c dresses will always be my favorite I believe ;-).

  2. Alumine says:

    Whoaaaa your blog got so pretty ! Good job on this ! It looks like a pro’s (:
    And… yeah I was passing by your blog, kinda expecting a post… I never miss them !
    Please keep up with your sewing, it always makes my day!

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