Cinderella Inspired Dresses

This is a two project series of dresses inspired by the ball gowns worn by Cinderella. One is based off of the gown from the animated movie, and the other is inspired by the dress from the live action film.

For the animation inspired dress I used a satin backed metallic fabric for the skirt and bodice, with an overlay of printed glitter organza. The bodice is lined with polyester shantung and has pleated sleeves made from gray organza. The panniers are made from a special occasion mesh. The majority of these materials were taken from my stash, or purchased at Joanns.

The second dress was based off of the ball gown from the live action film, with hints of Cinderella’s pre-transformation dress (softer neckline and sleeves). It has a base of blue chiffon, with an overlay of iridescent lamé and two layers of matte tulle to add texture. The bodice has a base of heavy cotton which supports the boning. It laces up, then has a false back which zips closed. It is embellished with ribbon flowers and 3mm rhinestones.

Both dresses are finished with coordinating headbands.  And both dresses are short, since I didn’t have the room or time to make full length versions, as lovely as those would be! They are also worn over a petticoat I made specifically for these projects, I talk about making it here.

I have blog posts and videos about the process of making these.

The Animated Edition: 

Making the Bodice

Making the Skirt

Making the Bodice – Video

Making the Skirt – Video


The Live Action Edition:

Making the Bodice

Making the Skirt

Making the Bodice – Video

Making the Skirt – Video

Cinderella 2


11 thoughts on “Cinderella Inspired Dresses

  1. bs says:

    These are incredible! I really enjoyed looking at your portfolio. Thank you for posting these. I feel inspired on a few designs I have put on the back burner. GOodluck with your plans.

  2. harinisrao says:

    Hey! Wow. I was searching for something on the internet as I am trying to stitch a dress for my 1 year old and came across your blog. Very impressive! Do you stitch all these dresses as a hobby??
    I have a question too. I am not an expert at stitching, but I am trying to make a dress with some satin and tulle material but I wanted to know how your dresses look puffed up – I mean the skirt part. Is it because of the petticoat that you have mentioned? I wanted to know if there is a simple material i can include as a lining to make it stiffer? Any ideas?

  3. amber says:

    can u do an alice in wonderland dress as im 14 and am having to make one for the school and would love to see your approach to it.

  4. Jack says:

    Hi! I love your creations as they are similar to what I wanted to create! If possible could you try to do a strapless dress with a few layers underneath because I would really like to learn how to make it. Thank you!

  5. Lauren says:

    How cool!! You look just like sweet natured Cinderella come to life in the fist photo!! Amazing! You are so talented, artistic, and pretty too!! And so versatile with all the different outfits you’ve done!! Keep going for your dream, you’re extremely gifted and a hard worker!!

  6. snizzler says:

    hello Angela, i know you from the instagram and check the youtube. that’s great! I liked it so much, we have the same passion and styles too. I’m addicted with fairy or fantasy theme. but rarely to found some materials here. thanks for inspired me! sorry about my english XoXo !

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