Completed Work

This page is undergoing construction – I apologize for any broken links, I’m doing my best to get them resolved soon.

1890’s Day Dress, the “Pumpkin” Gown


1830’s Plaid, Pleated, Dress


18th Century “Undress” Costume


Sybil Inspired Edwardian Ensemble


Pink Sateen Ball Gown, 1860’s 

Angela Clayton Evening Gown 1860 -7872

Cycling Costume, 1890’s

Angela Clayton, Cycling Costume resize-6839

Plaid Walking Ensemble,1890’s

Plaid_1890s_Angela Clayton5

1790’s Round Robe

Yellow Dress Resize 2

Grecian Costume, Chiton and Crown

Angela Clayton Grecian 3

Grey Plaid and Velvet Ensemble, 1860’s


18th Century Riding Ensemble 

Angela Clayton_ Riding Coat_ 1

Gold and Ivory Gown – Holiday Dress 2015

Angela Clayton Gold Dress 14

Maroon Medieval Dress & Escoffin


Civil War Era Dress


Taffeta Kirtle & Hat

Ana de Mendoza 3

Gold Foiled Dress, Heinrich Inspired

Harvest.Red Foiled Dress.5

Damask Print Medieval Gown

Gold Medieval, Resize 1

Pleated Navy gown


Silvery Blue Dress

Blue 8

Orange Tudor Ensemble

P5 image one

Brown Beaded Doublet


Structured Chemise a la Reine


Dewdrop Series


Isabel de Requesens


Blue Taffeta Hooded Dress


1830s Floral Dress


1830s Pleated Red Dress


1840’s Pleated Floral Dress


Christmas Costume, Glittery Gown


Maroon Dress


Striped Taffeta Dress


Black and Grey Dress

Black and Grey III

Pretty Pirate Project


(Posts below were are projects, which are not very well documented or fully completed)

Red Renaissance Gown


Red and Silver Gown



21 thoughts on “Completed Work

  1. Irina Souvandjiev says:

    Hello there! I’ve only recently started taking an interest in a theater or film career, I’d like to work on a set, behind the scenes, maybe as a make-up artist or costume designer. I really love ballet costumes for example. I would really like to start sewing as well, like you draping first, then cur out patterns. Can you recommend any books as a guideline to start? Because I don’t have time to take a lot of courses, but I can read up and try things out in my own time.

  2. Luisa says:

    Oooh I just found your blog and I’m so excited! What you do is so beautiful and inspiring! Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Sue says:

    Hi Angela…I am A-mazed at your work!!! Do you do anything else besides sew??? How are you so prolific?? I believed I read somewhere on your blog that you are a self-taught sewer. I also am self taught although I’m considerably older than you😳. I am in process of making my second 16th century garb but I work almost full-time(on my feet all day) and so progress is slow. Plus I make all Christmas gifts and then there is always “life”!!! I have also been a professional seamstress and I must say your work is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you SO much for sharing on your blog; you’ve are an inspiration to me to get moving!😬 Do you do in-depth research before sewing each outfit? you do anything else? I’d love to chat online with you if you have a minute between projects.😁

  4. Barbara Winters says:

    It does not hurt that the seamstress looks like Holliday Grainger! Is that you in the pictures? The work is perfection.

  5. Bernadette says:

    You are absolutely incredible. I have been sewing since 1991 and with each project, I always tend to bite off more than what I’d expected. A 13 piece dress for my first ever projects when others were telling me to just make a tank top.
    I am also self-taught and went into sewing originals for teens in high-school was my specialty.
    One of my bucket list items is to sew a full Victorian gown.
    Again you’re incredible.
    I keep wondering the amount of funds that go into the material for each project. lol

  6. Pat says:

    Hello Angela, Amazing, amazing work and talent. My great niece would like me to make her a tulle skirt with flowers. Noticed you created one with artificial flowers. I am stumped on how to clean it without the use of doing via dry cleaning. Can you let me know. I thank you for your time and assistance

  7. Vivian♥ says:

    I came across your YouTube channel and I’m so glad I checked out your blog as well!
    These pieces are perfection, it’s amazing how much detail you put into your works! I’m sure you’re proud of your own creations regardless but just know that you’re an inspiration (and helpful teacher via your videos) and I hope my sewing skills will become as amazing as yours someday!
    I’m new to sewing currently but your 1860’s Pink Sateen Ball Gown is a shining example of the type of royal dress I’m hoping to make as my biggest “dream to reality” project. It will be grand finally having the skill to make something so elegant!

  8. bobyl says:

    Your outfits are incredible. I also want to get into historical costuming. Your work inspires me to start sewing and live the dream of wearing old clothes.


    Hola Angela: hace mucho tiempo encontré tu blog y pude admirar muchas creaciones bellas, recuerdo un vestido que llevaba flores en el faldon y otro de Elsa…hemosos . Por misterios de la vida paso un tiempo considerable que no te visitaba….Pero he vuelto y me doy cuenta que tu talento sigue en crecimiento….Yo por hobbi confecciono vestidos de niñas y disfraces infantiles….Tus creaciones son un sueño…. Ahora ya siempre estaré pendiente d tus notificaciones a mi correo…Siempre esperando poder disfrutar de tus creaciones..una amiga…Desde Chile. Jeanette

  10. Laure says:

    Wooooooow!!!!!!! It’s so amazing what you do!!!!!! You are such an awesome costume designer!!! Good for you! Keep it that way!!!!

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