Red Foiled Dress – Heinrich Mücke Inspired

This piece is based on a dress from a painting called “The Body of Saint Catherine of Alexandria Borne to Heaven by Angels” which was painted by Heinrich Mücke.

I made it in a week using patterns that I drafted myself as a guide. The dress is mostly hand sewn and made from seven yards of red foiled sari fabric and five yards of polyester suiting, which was used as lining. I hand stitched gold sequins and glass seed beads around the neckline to add interest.

The headpiece is made from dried roses and wooden skewers which were painted, embellished, and mounted on a headband. It’s meant to imitate halos Saints were depicted wearing.

I have two blog posts about this costume, as well as several videos on the process.

Heinrich Mücke Inspired Dress, Part One
Heinrich Mücke Inspired Dress, Part One
Heinrich Mücke Inspired Dress, Photos

Progress Vlog One : Progress Vlog Two 

Headpiece Tutorial : Makeup Walkthrough

Harvest.Red Foiled Dress.1

Harvest.Red Foiled Dress.5

Harvest.Red Foiled Dress.2



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