Royal Milk Tea, Sakizo Artwork

 This costume was made from twenty some yards of ivory taffeta, several yards of blue silk taffeta, five hundred plus rhinestones, and over thirty yards of various trims. 

Everything from my shoes, to earrings, to corset and bustle were created by me with the help of many-a-internet tutorials. It was a process of trial and error, and many (many!) failures before I reached a shape and product i’m pleased with.

The only thing I didn’t take part in creating is the tea pot, which was crafted from foam by my father. 

It took three months and more hours then one can imagine to create this beast. 

You can read about how it was made in the six posts below: 

Part 1: Conquering the Bustle

Part 2: Starting the Sleeves & Skirt

Part 3:Socks & Stockings

Part 4: The Corset’

Part 5: Chokers, Cameos & Corsets

Part 6: Fluffy things and Finishing Touches 

I also have several photosets of this costume

Photos by Anna Fischer (recommended)

Photos by Gerardo J. Flores




4 thoughts on “Royal Milk Tea, Sakizo Artwork

  1. Jane says:

    I made Dolly Madison dresses for my daughter’s part in a wedding. The Brussels was a challenge. They stole the show. I have an idea of some of the work you did. Great job.

  2. Brocha says:

    you are amazing, you are my inspiration to following my dream of becoming a clothing and costume designer.- love your biggest fan

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