Dewdrop Series, Photos

Today I have photos to share! Finally it was overcast enough to get pictures of one of my costumes! Unfortunately It’s still too warm out to consider photographing any of my other projects (long sleeves, high necks, yikes) but this is a step in the right direction.

This costume came out a little fancier then I had expected, so I think it looks a little out of place in the forest even though it was inspired by one. But i’m still very happy with the pictures, and i’m glad we got to take them while everything is super green and lovely! A big thanks goes out to my photographer-in-training of a father who took these pictures for me.

A per usual the dresses, cloak, and headpiece were made and worn by me. More information on how I made the costumes can be found here, and the headpiece is just dried red roses strung between glass pearls.

I had a few problems with my pocket hoops collapsing, and ants were traipsing all over me, but aside from that i’m really pleased with how this shoot went and the photos that came from it.

I hope you like them too!










Thanks for reading – er viewing!