A Taffeta Turn of the Century Gown | The Pumpkin Project 2020, Photos

Hello everyone! Today I’m carrying on the tradition of posting about my yearly “Pumpkin Project”!

I’ve been making a “pumpkin project” every year, for the past five years or so. These projects always have an autumn themed color palette, and historical inspiration behind them. Though the levels of historical accuracy vary from year to year.

These are always some of my favorite projects I make throughout the year. For me, they mark when the weather starts to get cooler and when I start to feel more inspired. I think that shows in the outcome, and I certainly feel it when working on them!

Though the “pumpkin project” looks different each year, they all have one thing in common: They are photographed in a local pumpkin patch, and the photos are posted here at the end of October.

I don’t have as many, or as varied of photos this year. I ended up feeling quite sick during the shoot, so it was cut short. And due to scheduling conflicts and a LOT of rain, we photographed this midday when the lighting was very harsh. I tried to jazz them up with editing, but they still aren’t my favorite.

However I do really love the costume itself. It consists of a bright orange jacquard dot taffeta skirt, and a heavily beaded mesh blouse. You can see the process of constructing this ensemble from start to finish in these two videos.

Making the Blouse

Making the Skirt

And now for the photos!

And that is it! I feel like some of the details in the blouse were lost in these photos, which stinks. But I still know they are there, and I think it still looks lovely, so I’m relatively happy.

It feels condescending to say I hope your year is going well, given what a dumpster fire it has been. But I do hope that you are well, and thank you for reading!



7 thoughts on “A Taffeta Turn of the Century Gown | The Pumpkin Project 2020, Photos

  1. Sarah Jackson says:

    You always look so polished no matter the circumstances. This year has been unbelievable you harsh. Thank you for making the gowns and allowing us to see them. Your work is so beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Sandra clayton says:

    Beautiful and inspired as always. I thought the photos were great. Loved the finishing touch with the perfect hat. Thanks

  3. Neena Maddox says:

    Love the outfit and love seeing your projects. That is a great October outfit. I would love to make one of those, you have the best ideas. Don’t stop sending pictures of your work. always glad to get your emails.

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